NFL Betting Styles

NFL Betting Styles

There are all kinds of sports bettors around the nation, and the world. They each bring a different perspective and attitude when placing bets on the NFL, or any other of their preferred sports. These personal styles or methods of placing a wager come from the bettor’s personality. This is why it is important to know what type of betting style you have, as well as the dangers of each; as well as the benefits and which types of wagers would suit them the best.


There are two very distinct personalities that most sports bettors fall under. There is the Aggressive bettor and there is the Passive bettor. These two personalities are the two extremes of the spectrum, and what every bettor should hope to become is the type that employs both personalities.

Aggressive Personality

The aggressive types of bettors are those that act in a much more irrational way when placing bets. They tend to seek out the highest risk wagers possible, just to place a bet on them and see if they end up winning a large payout. Another characteristic of these bettors is that they like to bet a lot on their wagers, ignoring any kind of money management strategy.


As stated before, the aggressive personality has certain characteristics that make it flawed if used inappropriately. These bettors, who like to seek the biggest risk so that they could possibly get the biggest reward, could be facing several disappointing losses before they ever see a win. Going along with simply betting on the largest odds, they also like to couple that with an equally large wager amount. In other words, they will bet most or all of their bankroll on one or a just a few bets, in hopes of getting a large payout. This is the quickest way a person can go broke.


You may sound surprised, but yes, there are advantages to being an aggressive bettor. One of these advantages is the fact that they will never let an opportunity pass by. They see something worth betting on, and they will place a wager on it. These bettors have a keen eye for the good bets, and do not hesitate to use them.

Best Bets

The most appropriate bets for these kinds of bettors would be the Money Line wagers, as they tend to have the highest chances of giving the bettor a big payout. The money line bets do not really require that much research, since it is simply dependent on which team is going to win the match. The aggressive bettor won’t really pay attention to data or stats; all they look for is the best odds.

Passive Personality

A passive bettor is a person who is always looking at the possibilities. They could spend hours, even days, analyzing an upcoming NFL matchup in order to make sure that their predictions are the best possible. They tend to place low wager amount each time they bet, and they second guess their decisions quite often; even after the wager has been placed.


These passive bettors will always be second guessing any decision they make, which could inevitably cause them to miss out on the possible bigger payouts; it could even hinder them when placing regular bets. As they are always overly cautious about what they bet on, they are equally as cautious with the amount of money they use on each bet. They fear that if they place a larger than normal wager, they could end up losing a big part of their bankroll. This will limit their potential earnings, since they will be betting in small amounts.


These types of bettors do have the advantage of being more rational than the aggressive sports bettors. They tend to base their decisions on data and statistics, which make them very effective handicappers; the problem is that their shyness towards betting makes them miss out on the bigger payouts. They are excellent forecasters, as they are able to read more into a certain matchup than meets the eye. As they safeguard their bankroll, this makes them excellent bankers; maybe even a little too good, making them penny-pinchers.

Best Bet

For the passive bettor, the best types of bets are the Point Spread and the Total Points bet. These tend to be more focused on the data, and have a slightly lower degree of risk than the money line bet. They tend to stay away from any kind of Futures or Prop bets, as these are not really based off of data, but simply made for fun.

The Perfect Combination: The Regal Handicapper

What a true sports bettor should try to achieve is a perfect combination between these two personalities. As mentioned before, a bettor’s personality depends on their own actions and emotions, which is why it is a hard task to ignore the already embedded commands.

Being able to successfully combine all of the advantages of each will make an excellent sports bettor. They will be able to base their bets on quantifiable data, place all the important bets, even those that are higher risk; all of this with the added bonus of being able to manage their bankroll in the best possible way.

Best Bet

Using this combination, the bettor will be able to freely place a wager on each of the different types of bets. They may even find it easier to bet, as they will use their handicapping skills to predict the outcomes of the NFL match-ups, and will also enjoy placing bets on the higher risk wagers. Prop bets would indeed become a fun way of watching and betting on the NFL games.

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